Here at IFSDFIT we offer a variety of training options to fit your lifestyle. Our fitness training system is built around customizing programs for each individual that comes to us with their specific needs. Schedule an appointment with me, and I will discuss a training system that will work for you.

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Here at IFSD we are dedicated to providing cutting edge fitness & sports development programming. Fitness training at any level is not a one-size-fits-all system. It’s an art of understanding our bodies, how they function, adapt, build-up or breakdown. If you want to maximize your lifestyle your programming must be developed around how your body functions. At IFSD we take a personal, genuine interest in our clients and understand that everyone has different needs, different goals, different strengths, & different weaknesses. Our training & development system is built around customizing programs for each individuals needs, & utilizing our proven research based training systems we will help you achieve your goals & beyond.

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"I’ve been working with Derek Newcomer since November of 2011 and have seen exciting results. With my 50th birthday around the corner, I feel as fit as ever as I progress weekly with new results. I highly recommend Derek to anyone looking to improve their life through results oriented fitness and nutrition expertise."
- Joe Massaro

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If you would like to schedule a personal training appointment or need some additional information I can be reached at 717-676-6772 or email at

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Derek Newcomer, CSCS

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" A goal with no action is just a dream. Fortunately, you can turn a dream into a realistic goal by putting some action into making it come true."


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Top 32 Reasons to Train

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  1. To stay accountable to God who has blessed me with one body and one chance to make the most of it

  1. Because you know that who you are right now isn’t who you want to be tomorrow, keep growing

  2. Confidence

  3. Strength training is a stress reliever

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